Tuesday, September 16, 2008

USA States & Territories.

Something both factual but also whimsical today. Can any body born outside of the 50 States of the USA be President of the USA? No and Yes! Yes, if you were born in: Northern Marianas Islands; Guam; Puerto Rico; US Virgin Islands; American Samoa; Wake Island (disputed, claimed by Marshall islands); Or Navassa Island (disputed, claimed by Haiti). Anywhere else No!
This is because the USA consists not just of 50 states, but 50 States plus the above seven US territories (colonies). Thus, if you were born in any of the 50 states or the seven US territories, you are a US citizen and eligible to be president. Well that rules me out. But do you know what is frightening about who is eligible to be the US President? That Both Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman are actually technically eligible to Be President of the US of A? Talk about the Hollywood Dream with a Lethal Weapon!

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