Thursday, September 18, 2008

The other man’s Grass is always greener.

This is another inspired by the “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston. This one has two women sitting together with their three children, two boys around 4 or 5 and a young toddler girl, playing nearby. One boy turns to the other and says, “ Your Lucky you’ve got a sister.” And just then the other boy’s sister pulls her brother’s hair and grimacing he replies, "You’re lucky you don’t.”
The above yarn reminds me of the old saying my mother taught us about the other man’s grass always being greener, until you cross over to the other side and experience it up close and personal.
So what about you today? Whose Green grass are you admiring now, without realizing that they too might be admiring your own green grass as more preferable than their own? Again I think the lesson here is to check things out very carefully before you personally make any decisions of change. Of course some things, like getting a baby brother or sister, are outside of your control, but where you do have control of changes in your life, don’t just do them on a whim and regret them ever after, if they don’t turn out as expected. No, as far as it is possible for you, research and thoroughly check out all the advantages and possible disadvantages, before making any irrevocable changes to your life, whether personal or in your working environment. Again that is my view! What say you?

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