Sunday, September 14, 2008

People as Computers.

People as Computers. 12/9/2008
Took this great illustration off of a Christian Q & A Forum, where someone asked, “How can God have the right to kill millions of people (innocent or not) and sit back while millions die? (Ex. the holocaust, any genocide, and any war).” And Mike H answered: “He doesn't kill them. People do. Think of the people as computers. God made the computer, he did a brilliant job. But then a hacker (Satan) made a virus, although God is much more powerful, the virus can still take down the computer. In order to fix this you need an antivirus and you can only get that by believing in God. Evil comes from Satan, not God.”
Although this is only an illustration and thus shouldn’t be pushed too far, I thought it a great way to state the truth about the injustices in this world, unjustly attributed directly to God, (when it is Mankind’s free will which is the cause of the problem,) to a computer but not religious minded, audience. What say you?

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