Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are You Asking Yourself Too Many Times Too, Like Leigh Matthews?

Heard on the TV yesterday that Leigh Matthews, the Coach of the Brisbane Lions AFL team had quit after 10 years at the helm there, even though he had one more year left on his contract had he wanted it. Although during his time there, they won three premierships in a row, this year they finished 10th,out of 16 teams. (One spot below my Tigers!) Although some might try and make a case that he walked before He was pushed, he has gone out on his own terms, as he had indicated a little while back that he might, if he felt the time was right.
He also said he had not made a final decision until their last game for the season (which they lost) when he found that not only was he asking himself “was this the time to walk away?” But that he had been asking that question of himself a lot lately and that that was in fact a sign that it was indeed time for him to walk away and let someone else take on the task, as he had given his all and now it was time for someone new to have a go. While his decision has shocked many, I believe it was a wise one and like he also said later on the News, that even if he was wrong to go now, that he “would rather walk away one season too early, than to stay one season too Long.”
What about you and I here? Do we perhaps need to have a look at our own performances and jobs too? Maybe we too have been asking that question and maybe the answer is that we have given all that we have to offer, and now is time to walk away too like Leigh.
It my case I believe I still have at least one more year in me here, but what about you there? Have you found yourself asking that question too many times lately and now is the time to at least consider your options, before continuing on for one more year? Over to you for some thought and reflection now.

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