Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Father’s Day.

Whilst I don’t know about Canada or America and while I do know that it is a bit late for the UK and South Africa, I can at least wish all my fellow Aussie Dad’s, a very Happy Father’s Day today.
It is a bit funny to me that Mother’s day is on the same day all over the world that observes it, but Father’s Day is on a different Day in many countries. I know of at least three different dates from personal experience, as one year, (1995) when we were on our way back to South Africa from a brief 6 month sojourn back in the land of my Birth (Oz) and went back to SA via the UK; spending just under two weeks in England and the lowlands of Scotland in early June of that year, where Father’s day was being honoured during our stay there.
Then, within a fortnight of returning to South Africa, we again observed Father’s Day there too. Then in the following September, I received Father’s day Greetings etc from our First born back in Australia, So even though I only received my presents once, I did get to celebrate Father’s Day three times in the one year. Quite unique!
But I guess the main thing though, is that we should remember not only our fathers but also all our loved ones, when we get the opportunity and not just on any special day either. You become more aware of this after your loved ones have passed on too. So if your loved ones are still with you, even if not close to you in distance, make this a special day for them whether they are father, mother, or other, and whether this is father’s day or not where you are now.
Have a great Day wherever you are and whatever day it really is: Walter.
EDIT: From my South African Friend living in the UK: "Just to update you Mother's day is celebrated in March in the UK. So hence I have 2 Mother's day's!!"

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