Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too much to do to whine!

Recently forwarded a chain e-mail to a dear friend of ours from our Transkei (South Africa) Days. To which I received this reply: “Thank you for excellent material on the Lord's Prayer, just received and read. Trust you and the bairns all doing fine. Our quarterly newsletter due out soon - so I will not lengthen this one - other thank to mention that these two "old-timers " - **** 84 and me 85 this week. **** - gall bladder removal two weeks ago, healing well - though exhausted! My shingles - now 16 months old, continues to demand medication and pain pills but there is too much to do to whine! Sharing in crusade in Gamalakhe Township (26 Sepot -4 Oct) followed by arrival of group of Americans for rural outreach. My job supply of tracts and training of counsellors.”
I couldn’t help but think, well here I am at my age, thinking I am struggling on, but here they both are, at an age well past retirement and with health issues that somewhat debilitate them but still they continue on as ever. This is the same man who 8 years ago was still on 6 or 8 different committees all over his area, and finding it hard to keep up with them all then and was thinking of trying to drop them all. I encouraged him to choose the most important and just try and drop a couple of the less urgent ones each year. At the time he thought it great advice, but somehow, knowing him, I suspect he didn’t and is probably still on most of them.
Anyway enough of him and even me, what about you now? Are you still actively involved in doing the things you love. Either for Money, or like my friend above, out of Love for the cause?
Perhaps like me and them, you have a few health ailments that curtail somewhat all that you would really like to do, yet hasn’t stopped you completely, if you want to do something?
So as I close, what about you now? Are you moaning and groaning and whining? Or do you too have too much to do to whine? It really is an attitude situation, so do you need an attitude adjustment? Or are you too busy doing, to whine?

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