Sunday, September 28, 2008

Comparing God to A Diet.

I hate to compare God to a diet, but it seems that a lot of people treat God a bit the way they do diets at times, doesn’t it? We become overweight and suffer from it and are put on a strict diet, which achieves the desired, required goal, but then!!!!!!!!!
Then, we decide, well now that I am down to the required weight I can go off the diet can’t I? Oh yes, at first we will not stray too far from the diet, but. But before long we are back to our old eating habits aren’t we?
Now as I said above, I don’t like comparing God to a diet, but for many of us, we do treat God the same way we treat diets don’t we? Good for when we need them but unnecessary the rest of the time. Well that may be how we treat God, but that is not how it is meant to be. And like when we break our diets and go back to our old ways, the problems return don’t they? So it pays in the long run for us all to stick to our diets of healthy living in the first place, doesn’t it? And the same is true for our relationship with God too. It is far healthier for us to continue to walk in God’s path, or if you like, in God’s diet, for you now, rather than pay the consequences later, isn’t it?

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