Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Action or inaction, which is usually best?

Was glancing through the paper the other day and something in the financial section caught my attention, as it was headed, “Take action in right direction.” And it opened with; “Inaction can be as destructive to our wealth as poor investment decisions. Especially as we often approach investing with anxiety and concern.
Seeking the right advice, making a choice to implement a plan and then persisting with it can be the difference between achieving a healthy retirement or not.”
Whilst I am not quite in the position to take action in regard to financial investments, more the pity, I do think that what is true of investments is also true in our lives too I believe. So is there some decision or action currently in your life that you really should make a decision about but have been putting it off? Maybe now is the right time to reassess that what you need to do or not do, and making some decisions on that, then put those decisions into action? Remember, just thinking about it, will not make it happen. If you want something to happen, you have to make the decisions now, and then follow them through fully. It is no good, and often totally wasteful and expensive to only go half way with your decisions. You have to follow them through fully to the end.
It is a bit like going to a nursery and buying a beautiful and expensive plant to plant in your garden in just the right spot, but then taking it home and leaving it for another time to plant and then forgetting to regularly water it, only to find that when you are ready to plant it, it is dead through neglect and lack of water.
So whether it is a plant, a financial or even a personal matter, if there is something that needs a decision now, make it now at the right time, and then stick to it and follow it through properly. What say you?

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