Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So what did you get for Christmas?

Well Christmas has been and gone for another year; so it is time to ask that most important question, “What did you get for Christmas?”
Me? I got a load of dirt! Sure I got the socks I desperately needed, the Book(s) by Michael Parkinson, that I said I wanted, and the Camera for my computer that I also desperately wanted. I even got a Callander with cute little doggies on it, and a couple of other things too. But it was the dirt that really excited me the most.
I had been actually wanting to go to my brothers for some time and get some, but had not yet gotten around to it as I only have a car and no trailer. Anyway although I had again mentioned I wanted some a week earlier, I was taken back by his phone call on the night of Boxing Day when he rang and said he would be a round the next day with his utility full of this composted soil, as a late Christmas present.
So not only did I get some dirt for Christmas, I got a whole lot of dirt too! So I am over the moon! (Even if I now have work out where to put it all. At the moment, most of it is still in my garage blocking the car from getting in.)
So while I can understand why a load of dirt might not be your idea of a perfect present, it was to me. So all this led me to thinking about other most unusual but most appreciated presents people may have received. Either this year or in years past? So over to you now for your response.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Do you really think everything really through?

Was watching the Australian version of “Who do you think you are”, last night and the young chap was told by his father that his grandfather might have had strong Mafia connections in the USA. So he heads off there to find out. Before he goes he says that he is not concerned about having Mafia connections and is comfortable with that. However, when he gets there and meets a former FBI agent who tells him all what one must do (Including being involved in some form in an actual murder) to be come a major player (which his Grandfather apparently was) this young man suddenly becomes very uncomfortable with the thought that His grandfather had been involved in a real murder!
And I’m sitting hers and saying, “Hello!” What did you think the Mafia was? A ladies knitting and croqueting club?” The mere mention of the name should have conjured up a group involved in all sorts of nefarious and illegal activities at some stage, even if not now. Things from extortion, racketeering, prostitution, drugs, money laundering, murder and a few others that I have forgotten.
So just hearing the word Mafia should automatically ring warning bells to the average person. Sadly some, it seems, still have a romanticised understanding of the Mafia. Probably because like this young man previously, they had had no personal dealings with it and thus have not experienced the real “Mafia” menace.
All this got me to thinking that the same is probably true about us too and although very few of us would have mafia connections, there are still probably many dangerous things around us that we are not seeing in their true light and thus have a skewed if not romanticised view and understanding of them and not seeing them as they really are. And when we do we like this young man above, get a real shock.
So, as we quickly come to the end of one year and head into another, what things, people or even ideas, do you need to seriously look at until you see their real nature? And will you do this now while there is perhaps still time not to get completely sucked into them and their way of life? Over to you now for reflection and hopefully positive action.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What does a referee do?

Recently received a letter from a friend and church contact who is about to under take a 12 month Counselling Course and she asked, if I, “Would you mind being a “referee” for me?
Being me, I wrote: “Well??? If it was to referee a fight you were in, then maybe yes, but to give you a character reference? Gee? I don't know about that! Lol. Seriously, of course I would be only too happy to do that for you if/when asked. Haven't been yet.”
To which she replied: “Hmm, yes I thought their use of “referee” was unusual. Who knows?
So it was in light of the above correspondence regarding our comments on the word Referee, that I decided to see what the on-line dictionary had to say on the subject.
It gave the following 6 meanings:
–noun 1. one to whom something is referred, esp. for decision or settlement; arbitrator.
2. (in certain games and sports) a judge having functions fixed by the rules of the game or sport; umpire.
3. an authority who evaluates scientific, technical, or scholarly papers, grant proposals, or the like for the publication or funding institution to which they have been submitted.
4. Law. A person selected by a court to take testimony in a case and return it to the court with recommendations as to the decision.
–Verb (used with object) 5. To preside over as referee; act as referee in.
–Verb (used without object) 6. To act as referee.
Now none of the above concisely coincided as how I expect they were/are using the word in this case, but I guess my previous thinking of the word referee, if I ever thought about it, was always and only towards the first two definitions, without even the thought of the other, legal meanings. Again it just shows that even when using familiar words, they don't always have the meaning that we are familiar with, do they? And so we need to be careful at all times that we both know what the other means when using otherwise familiar words, don’t we?
So, are there any other familiar words that you have always used, that now, you find have other meanings. Sometimes with totally opposite applications, like with “Cleave”.
Anyway, with that bit of nonsense out of the way, I will close now.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

That’s what Dad said!

Although a mature young lady and about to be married soon, I had occasion to council her recently on the death of a beloved pet. And of course, me being me, did it in my own unique style, which seemed to work okay.
A bit later, over lunch, I had the occasion to overhear her side of a telephone conversation. At that stage I had no idea who was on the other end, except to conclude that they must have been very wise indeed! Just like me! Because all I kept hearing on this end, was, “That’s what dad said!” “That’s what dad said!” Must have heard it 3 or four times at least, not that I was counting!
Anyway, later I found out that the party on the other end was my very own first born! And it seems even if I hadn’t taught her much, I had at least taught her to be like me.
Now, whether that is a good thing or not, I will leave that with you, but it does point to the fact that those closest to us, do both see and imbibe, even if by osmosis, what they see and hear in and from us. So one always needs to be careful of the example we are leaving with others and especially those closest to us, don’t we?
So, who is learning what from you right now, and is it something that you would be proud to hear them say, “That’s what ****** said"?