Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don’t Be Rude Yourself Also.

This follows my previous blog, “Don’t Be Rude”, and was inspired by the same Lynn Johnston cartoon from her comic Strip series, “For Better or For Worse”. Again the mother has gently told her young son, “ Honey, you have to be polite to people. You have to watch what you say!” “Don’t just blurt out the first that pops into your head. Think and THEN speak – so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings” To which he replied. OK.” And then a few moments later, he asks, “ Mom? Could I have a pen knife?’ To which she replies, “At your Age?” and then adds, “Don’t be stupid!!!”
Another case of don’t do what I do, but do as I say isn’t it? Now before we judge her here, let us judge ourselves first and ask ourselves how often, not only have we done that, but also how often are we still doing that even now?
Again it is a case of knowing that it is just not good enough to just know what we should or shouldn’t do, but that we need to actively apply that knowledge into our own lives and among our own families as well as among strangers or visitors too, don’t we. What say you?

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