Friday, September 19, 2008

Don’t be rude.

Another inspired by the Lynn Johnston comic Strip “For Better or For Worse”. This one has the mother gently telling Her young son, “ Honey, you have to be polite to people. You have to watch what you say!” “Don’t just blurt out the first that pops into your head. Think and THEN speak – so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings” To which he replies. OK.”
Now I happen to think that this advice is far greater than just Ok, because I have sometimes found myself in a position in the past where I later wished I had taken the above advice, because often I had misheard or only half hear, or was even on a totally different subject to them, and so made a complete fool of myself. So I am repeating the above solid words of advice for you to follow, so you don’t unnecessarily do the same too!.
They won’t save you from every situation but they will certainly help you prevent yourself from making a fool of your self unnecessarily, if fully followed. What say you?

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