Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stirring Things Up Unnaturally.

This is another inspired by the “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston. This one has two little boys looking at one of the boy’s new pet. A gold fish in a small bowl. Unfortunately for the little boys, it wasn’t exciting enough for them, so they decided to stir things up, literally and went and found a wooden spoon to do the trick. Fortunately for the Goldfish (Fred), Mum Came along and stopped them and told them that that really wasn’t a good idea. And they were just to watch “Fred” as “he likes to swim around his bowl, looking for food, enjoying the view… “ To which the boy says, “ I know”. And adds to himself, “I just want him to do it faster!!!”
Ever found yourself in the same position? You want to speed things up and stir things along. Maybe even using the right equipment, like the wooden spoon, but for a completely wrong and inappropriate and even life threatening purpose?
Most of us find things too slow sometimes don’t we? Thus the temptation is always there to try and stir things up and speed life along, just a little bit, isn’t it? Sometimes that can be done and even be beneficial too. But often, like in the above illustration, all it will achieve, at the very best would be stress, like for Fred here, and possibly even death for him too. So I would like us all to think very carefully the next time we desire to try and stir things along, whether it really is appropriate and beneficial to all concerned and not just something to appease our own impatience, often with injurious consequences for the other party or parties? That’s my thoughts, what’s yours?

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