Friday, September 12, 2008

Knowledge of your equipment or else have good Backup or else lots of Money!

Well I am back on line after an absence of some 30 hours due to some technological fault of some Kind in my computer. As I have said many times before, when it comes to computers I am totally technological illiterate as to it’s finer workings and leave that all to my son to fix up for me. This time with some help from his friends and the service provider’s technical service team, he got me back on line. As he works and lives elsewhere, I had to wait for him to find the time between his job and other committeemen’s, hence the longish delay. Of course I could have got someone from the Computer shop to come and check it out but at a cost of close to $100 dollars. Again, hence the delay as I waited for my son, who actually went out of way two nights in a row to make the time to come around and address the problem. The first time obviously without success. So again I am very, very grateful to he and his mates freely given help and assistance in my time of need.
Yes if like me, you don’t have great knowledge of your equipment, nor lots of money, it really pays to have a good support team to call on doesn’t it? And I really appreciate mine! But what about you? Do you really appreciate your backup team and tell them so? Or do you just take them for granted; Call on them when needed; and expect them to come running; and then ignore them the rest of the time?
Well today’s message is just a word of encouragement to you to be appreciative of your support or backup teams and to let them know personally that you appreciate them, as well as their help. So in closing, Thanks again Son. I not only appreciate you but love you too! Dad.

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