Saturday, June 28, 2008

When You Don’t Want Pigeons, Don’t Feed Them.

Back to FBOFW today for further inspiration! This one has the little boy ask his mum for a cookie, upon receiving permission, he asks if his friends can too. Mum replies with a reluctant, “ I guess so”. To which her son yells around the corner, “Hey Guys! COOKIES!”

The next/last panel has mum at the window looking out at 6 little boys hoeing into her cookies, while she, with a happy look on her face says, “If you don’t want pigeons …Don’t start feeding them…”

Now some of us like pigeons and some don’t. Some will buy extra food just to feed the pigeons, others won’t. The point I am trying to make today is that we often make a rod for our own backs by “feeding” something and then start complaining about them, don’t we.

Oh yes, I know that wasn’t our original intention. We just started to feed one little “Pigeon” then a couple more and then suddenly we are inundated with them aren’t we?

That is why we often have to be both careful, wise, and long seeing, to start with don’t we?

Feeding one or two pigeons is fine, and a couple of pigeons in the garden are no problem and maybe even something to be desired if not completely pursued.

However when the original one or two develop into 20 or 30 or more, as pigeons often do, then they become both a problem and destructive too. Don’t they?

Here I am not saying don’t feed the pigeons at all but do be aware of where it could lead and to be prepared to put a stop or limits on it before it gets out of hand and becomes a real problem for you and to you. What say you?

P.S. For the record, I feed pigeons!

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