Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keeping Some In Reserve?

Another comment inspired by the comic, “For Better or For Worse” by Lynn Johnston.

This one has the mother scraping off the old Bubble gum from her little son’s wooden bedposts, and then saying, “That’s it!! No more GUM “, as she storms out of the room.

The next panel shows him complaining and the final panel has him going to his wooden Dresser. Peeling a piece of old Gum of it, he says, “ Good thing she didn’t find the ones on the dresser."

Is that how we are with our sins and bad habits? Reveal and even allow some of them to be removed, but also keep some of them in a hidden reserve elsewhere? What say you? Will year finally and fully deal with those problem areas in your life once and for all? Or will you continue to insist ion keeping some in reserve? Over to you now!

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