Friday, June 27, 2008

Do we Really Want Our Freedom, Or Do We Only Think We Do?

Another blog inspired by my current favourite Comic Strip. This one has the husband luxuriating: first in the bed by himself and then in the Bathroom without any interruptions from the wife and kids. Them ruminating on the freedom he had to wear anything he wanted and to eat anything he wanted and finally to do anything he wanted. Then the last frame shows him stretched out in front of the TV sighing, “I hope Elly and the kids are home soon.”

How often does that happen to us too?

We strain and fight against all the things restricting us and long for our freedom, but as soon as we get it, we realize that we really didn’t t want it at all and we find ourselves missing those things that were previously considered as constricting our “freedom” only to find that it is only in those things that we really feel free and truly living?

What about you now? Is there something that you currently feel is stifling your freedom that you really need to just take a momentary step back from to see it for what it really is? Maybe there is something stifling your freedom and maybe you can and should do something about it. But mostly I suspect, you will find that rather than stifling your life and freedom, that, like the above example, you will find that it is truly all that your life is truly about. What say you? Will you take the time to fully analyse those things in your life that you feel are stifling your freedom to see if it is really true, or whether in fact you need to give those things even more of your attention? Over to you now!

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