Monday, June 23, 2008

Do you Always Pass The Test?

From my original blog, “Spellinmg and Othe rMistakes”, I received a response from an American living and teaching in South Africa, offering corrections to my spelling, to which I responded quickly, pointing out that not all were Australian spelling Mistakes but in fact the difference between English and American English. I then went on to acknowledge that there really were a couple of mistakes in it originally irregardless of whose Spelling you used. To which my friend replied, “Yes, spelling is a problem for me, too. I've decided for the most part just to stick with American spelling and not try to use South African spelling (which I would not get right consistently). My rationale is that the UBI students read a lot of books with American spelling so my notes will just be more of the same!

You passed the test. I was just seeing if you really did want correction!”

Following is one of my replies to this comment “Thanks for your e-mail. Yes I really did want corrections; I just wasn't expecting them so quick, (says he ever so humbly). I am actually working on two blog responses to your original response, before this one. One on the American vs. Non-American spelling, and the other on how quick I was to pick up on the American Spelling aspect that I originally failed to see that I had indeed made two obvious mistakes. Thanks again for pointing that out.

As to South African spelling, there is nothing wrong with it from an English, Australian, New Zealand etc, etc, perspective. One just needs to use what is best for the occasion, that is all”.

However today what I wanted to actually focus on was my friend’s last line. “You passed the test. I was just seeing if you really did want correction!”

I truly am glad I passed the test, but I hadn’t realised that I was even being tested in the first place?

So as I close today, I have 2 questions for you.

1. When you say things are you serious or just being polite? Do you, as in my case, really want correction? Or are you just mouthing empty phrases? Fortunately for me, I passed the test. Do you?

2. Although we may not know we are being tested in any one thing, actually everything we say and do, is being checked and tested by someone, so the real question is, “Do we do everything that we do, to the best of our abilities, so that it will pass any and every reasonable test anyone might apply to it?” Over to you for reflection there.

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