Thursday, June 26, 2008

A life Of Their Own.

This is another thought inspired by a carton by Lynn Johnson called, “For Better Or For Worse.”

The engaged couple are walking along and she says, “I don’t want this wedding to be big or lavish or complicated, Anthony.” To which he replies, “Neither do I.” And then you see his thought bubble, where it says,” But weddings are like Woodstock … sometimes they take on a life eof their own?”

Ever had an occasion like that ? A situation where you started of with something seemingly easy and simple that suddenly seems to have a life of its own and even more suddenly, heads in a totally different direction to what you planned, anticipated or ever wanted in the first place? Personally, sometimes you have no choice but “to go with the flow” and to just hang on and endure, if not enjoy the ride. At other times, you may just have to pull the plug on the whole thing and just walk away and try something else completely different.

I don’t really have any answers but would be interested in your responses. Walter.

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