Sunday, June 1, 2008

Naked Priest verses the Naked Cowboy.

There is an American (who was recently in Australia a couple of weeks back as part of a Myers Store promotion,) who has been Busking for the better part of Ten years in New York and gains upwards of $300 an hour for his trouble. As a traditional Country singer, and even as a singer, he couldn’t even make a living Busking until he stripped off to his jocks, and now he is infamous and popular for doing so. He actually goes around in Cowboy boots and hat and brief underpants, thus avoiding arrest for being naked, yet he still proudly claims to be “The Naked Cowboy” and has even registered the Name.

Reading in the Book of Isaiah recently I came across again in chapter 20 in verses 2 & 3, a passage where it states that Isaiah walked barefoot and naked around Jerusalem for the better part of three years to symbolically pronounce what was going to happen to the rich and powerful, of Egypt and Ethiopia (Cush) when they would eventually be taken into Captivity by the Assyrians.

Now while it is possible that the word translated Naked in Isaiah, means that Isaiah went buck naked, it can also mean that he was only as naked as the Naked Cowboy today, as he most likely wore, not white jocks, but a brief linen cloth instead.

Now I could not but help wonder what would happen if today, someone else were to do an Isaiah, complete with underpants and nothing else, and went around proclaiming God’s word to all who would listen? Would they also be as freely accepted as being normal, as the Naked Cowboy is and rewarded with money and fame? Or would they be scorned and even locked up as another typical raving luniticial religious nut?

It has been said that what is sauce for the Goose is sauce for the Gander too! But is that how we truly look at things? Or do we have one set of rules for one group of what is acceptable, but yet another for another group, which makes what they are doing, although the same as others, totally unacceptable?

What say you? Do you too have double standards? Or do you have one standard of what is or isn’t acceptable for all? Again what say you?

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