Saturday, June 21, 2008

All things in Moderation.

I received the following reply to my Blog, ”Paper or People?

“Hi Walter: Good point but there is also a case for a man losing himself in other things at times otherwise he can become too much engrossed in the problems and it can effect his judgement in advising others on how they should cope.

What I'm trying to say, (and I'm not doing it very well) is that a man needs the escape from everyday life now and then in order to maintain the brilliance that we all have. Now that should be good for a comment especially from the women.

Thanks ****.”

Now as he (Oh yes only a man could have written that!) implies, that is a subject that I, as a man, want to steer well clear of completely. However he does make three good points;

  1. One (Which is pretty close to my original Point,) is, we do become too engrossed in what we are doing and do need to regularly look elsewhere for inspiration and refreshment, if not total renewal.
  2. All of us, men and women, do need to regularly escape from our normal routine, and in my original blog, my point was that we should not always be spending all our time in that escape.
  3. The point that he doesn’t make “very well” but it is there, is that all things are good for us if done in Moderation. Excess in either direction – too little or too much – is equally bad for us in the long term and often also in the short term.

Well my friend has had his say, what say you? But please, don’t be too hard on him, after all today is his Birthday.

So my friend, Alan, a Very Happy Birthday to you!

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