Friday, June 6, 2008

Kirk Douglas Plays Up at 91.

There was a picture in our Newspaper recently of Kirk Douglas stretched out on a Kiddies slide in a Playground in a Los Angeles School. It turns out that Kirk and His wife had just donated a playground set to this School. Something his wife and he have been doing for schools there since 1997.

A lovely gesture don’t you think of giving something back to the community? But what makes this really special it seems, is that this is the Four Hundredth that they have donated since they started. It appears that they have spend some $8 Million to build or refurbish play areas since they started to do this in 97.

Now I don’t really know about you but I am fairly confident that I will never have $8 million, let alone $8 million to give away to the community, but I am also equally sure that all of us could give something of worth to our own local communities if we truly wanted to, either in work or in Kind, if not in outright monetary gifts.

What say you? What can you do to benefit your local community right now and will you do it? Over to you for now.

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