Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stir it up and serve it, Tommy Roe,

Recently bought a box set of CD’s Called “The best of the 70’s” It was a collection of 20 CD’s for only $18, so it was bought with no great expectations, especially as although I had heard of most of the Artists before, I had heard of very few of the songs, or recognised them as having been made famous/sung by other artists.

Even before I bought the collection, I was aware that it was a mixed bag but there were some interesting songs on it plus some songs that although I had never heard them before, rather liked the Artist performing them. One such artist/singer, was a guy called Tommy Roe, who had classic hits with "Sweat Pea" and "Sheila" and notable air play with other songs like “Come on everybody”, "Heather Honey", "Dizzy", and even “Jam up and Jelly tight”.

One of the songs from him on this 70’s collection was called, “Stir it up and Serve it”. Not what even I, an admirer of his, would call a great song, but I think it summed up this collection of songs in this complete set. It seems whoever compiled this collection, just took a collection of “B side” songs from some then well known recording artists of that era, stirred them up and served them. And then had to sell them “Dirt Cheap” as no one was really interested in them.

I couldn’t help but wonder if that is how we do things sometimes too? Just take a half-hearted collection of our works, and just, “Stir it up and serve it” and then expect people to “Buy it” enthusiastically?

When we present our efforts and ourselves /works, to the world, do we really and always present our best all the time? Or do we sometimes try to take our lesser efforts and, “Stir it up and serve it", and then wonder why no one will buy it? This is, as much a memo to me as to you but I would urge you in future to always give and present your best to the world all the time. What say you?

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