Thursday, June 5, 2008

Deal to be Signed to Ban Cluster Bombs.

Read a headline in our paper recently that read, “Deal to Limit Cluster Bombs." It then went on to say that delegates from 111 nations including Australia and the UK have agreed to ban cluster Bombs. Sounds terrific doesn’t it?

However it went on to say that the agreement lacked the backing of the major producers and stockpilers of these self-same lethal weapons? All of which kinda makes the whole decision kind of irrelevant doesn’t it? After all what is the point of agreeing to something if your voice adds no real weight to the situation, and will have no relevance whatsoever?

However, isn’t that exactly what we often do too? Add our approval to things that don’t really affect us, but at the same time withhold our voice and real weight from the things that we really believe in.

Now I am not saying that it is not a good thing to speak up and be counted when needed, but I also think we need to add weight to our voices and try and prod our friends and enemies to also agree. For without their agreement, nothing is going to happen, is it? Sure 111 countries are for it and only half a dozen or so, are opposed! But as long as those half dozen continue to produce and stockpile these things, nothing is really going to change is it?

So don’t just speak up for or against a certain cause, but also back it with all you have, too. I say lip service alone is pointless: What say you?

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