Monday, June 9, 2008

Begin Again? I don’t think So!!

Recently received an e-mail where the sender was pondering the question, “If I could go back and change my entire course of adulthood, would I?” Her response was, “Probably not...”

My response is in the title above and I am obviously a little more emphatic about it, but I hope not arrogantly so.

I have over the years looked back at times in my life where changes were made, that, although not then realised or even expected at the time, have greatly changed my life. And so I have sometimes wondered what may have happened had I not taken the course I did take. But I have never really regretted too much any of the choices I have made.

Some of them may still have happened anyway, like meeting my wife. Arguably I only met her because I stopped working for my dad on his smallholding, and took a job in a Hardware store where she was a customer in their gift section. However as my sister married her brother and they were going out before us, we would have met anyway, eventually.

But others, like becoming a Christian the way I did, may not have happened and that would have been a big loss to me in many ways. Before I became a Christian I just drifted along in life with no real directions or Goals. Becoming a Christian gave me both direction and goals and has given me a purpose in my life.

I left School when I was 15 without any qualification, so I might like to Change that if I did have to do it all over again, but then, even there, I went to Bible Collage when I was 35 and received my Bachelor’s degree in three years, and I have gotten by all right with that since. So no, I wouldn’t really change anything too much. And as for our three kids, (now young adults) I wouldn’t change them either. Not one little bit! So, no, I wouldn’t even be half tempted to begin again, thank you. Thanks, but no thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that’s enough about me. What about you now? How has your life shaped up to original expectations? Although one can never go back and change ones beginnings, one can, even now change their direction in life, if they really want to. Yes, it is never too late to change, if you really want to, that is. Do you really want to, is the real question isn’t it? Over to you for your comment: Walter

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