Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Same Thing Is There For All To See!

Received this response to my recent Blog on “Charles Kingsford Smith”, which said, You are a minefield of information my friend. You know about me when it comes to aviation but I had no idea that Smithy had those hang-ups. I obviously knew about his flights but nothing about the fact that he was wrestling with fears etc.

You really should be writing a column in a newspaper because lots of you little titbits would fascinate people. Thanks for that.”

To which I had to honestly reply with, “Thanks for that. I thought you might appreciate it. Actually I got that information out of Yesterday's Herald Sun Newspaper, which is actually the source of a lot of my material.”


So, what I had made interesting or known to him, was not really unknown or even known by a small number but was also available to nearly half a million people who bought that day’s paper.

It is not so much that which is out there on show to the world, but what you do with it. Some would have seen that article and that particular part that I picked up on as just part of “Smithies” history and thought no more on it. Others might have picked up on it like me but come to different conclusions than me. However I picked up on the fact that he had major obstacles to overcome to do what he wanted to do. He tackled and over came obstacles than many, maybe even I, would have quite happily used as excuses not to do things and maybe even to gain sympathy from. Not Smithie. He overcame not insignificant handicaps to achieve his goals and desires. Maybe you can to. I honestly don’t know, but I do know, that you won’t know unto you give it a go. And Give it your best shot too?

As is always, you may not always succeed, but you can always try can’t you? Can’t you?

The only question to ask as I close is, will you do that? Will you give your current project, your very best shot and see where it goes from there? Will you? Have a great Day: Walter

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