Friday, October 1, 2010

Are you real mean too?

In this “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, UPDATED: 02/22/2010, it has the young boy pleading with his mother: “Aw, does it have to be Brenda? I want Charlene to babysit, Ma – Please?” “Charlene’s neat ma –an’ Brenda’s MEAN! REAL MEAN.” And finally he finishes to himself: “Brenda makes us go to bed on time!”
Funny how we often make strong judgements on how people treat us, whether it is right or wrong? And even though others might be doing the right thing and often as in this case, the thing that is best, for us, we often refuse to see that and consider them Mean, like poor Brenda in this Cartoon.
So today’s question is, who is it around you now that you currently think are mean? And are they really? Or is it you, like the young boy in the cartoon, the real mean and selfish one? Again just something for you to think about and maybe even do something about it, if felt led in that direction.

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