Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taking Your Fun Seriously.

Earlier this year we went to the Harold Stevens Athletic Track in Coburg where the Coburg Harriers have their base and where a 24-hour Marathon was in Progress.
I am told that these runs are just for fun and for personal bests, but boy do they take their fun seriously. Not only to they count the laps to get the total distance, but I was told that when the 24 hours is nearly up, each participant is given a sack of sand on their last lap and when the siren goes showing the 24 hours is up they have to drop their sand there and then and, thus not only is each lap counted but even each individual metre in the unfinished lap. Talk about taking your fun seriously!!
What about us too? Do we take our fun that seriously too? And if so does that seriousness also follow us from our fun to our work too? Yes, whether at work or play, do we take every endeavour we do as seriously? Or just those things we really like, and then give a half-hearted commitment to everything else?
I personally think our fun should be fun, and only taken as seriously as it needs to be to have fun, while treating those things that need to be taken seriously, seriously!
So let us take all things that need to be taken seriously, seriously. And treat as fun, those things that are meant to be fun. What say you?

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