Thursday, October 21, 2010

Follow up on Camellia Teas.

Recently wrote a blog, “Do you know the difference between Black & Green Tea?” This was about the 6 different types of Tea that come from the camellia Bush, and stated that I had only ever heard of two of these types of Camellia (Normal) tea. (Black & Green, but not, white, yellow, oolong, and pu-erh.) I then closed asking for input from others. Of which I received some, but before we get to them.
The day after I posted that blog, I was in a NQR store. (“Not quite Right” – not sure if that just describes the products they sell, or the people who, like me, who shop there?) Anyway, there, and much to my surprise I saw not one but two different types of “White Tea” Tea Bags. One from China, and the other from Twinning, so you can guess which on e I brought to try, can’t you. As for the other types of tea (Other than Green and Black) here are a few comments I have received to my blog ion the 6 different types of Tea from the Camellia Bush.
Now to the 3 comments received on the various teas consumed here in Australia;
1. G'day Walter: thankyou for the information on teas. As an apprentice grocer back in the late forties, I was educated on teas but I must admit that I had not heard on the white, yellow and Pu-erh tea. In my years at Myer as a senior buyer I knew of the Oolong, Green, Earl Grey (with its addition of Rind of Bergamot Orange & black: Also the various Herbal teas, but some of the info I was perhaps given, when a young apprentice had completely escaped me over the years (65 years) and my 5 years service in the Airforce as a motor mechanic wouldn't have helped. ***
2. I have heard of Oolong tea but none of the others. I now know why green tea is better for you - because it is NOT oxidised. It is supposed to be an ANTI -oxidant - I think black tea is to a point but not as good as green-tea. Ask a dietician. Cheers. *******
3. Hey Walter that is very interesting. I actually went on a tea obsession once. (yes I had given up alcohol!!!) I actually have tasted most varieties of tea, including the black, the green, the white but I am not sure on the yellow. I used to have a variety of teas from the Russian Caravan, the Earl Grey, the Rooibus, the English Breakfast, the Oolong, Green tea, then Green tea with jasmine or chamomile amongst many others. I also used to have the fruit teas like Rosehip, Orange, Berry etc. My favourite tea is Chai tea which is black tea with various spices including cinnamon and cardamom. Some of the stronger Chinese teas I wasn't particularly fussed with. It just goes to show there is still so much we don't know in the world despite how aged and learned we are!!!! Ha-Ha. Have a good day. *******
So now you know about as much as I do on the different types of Camellia tea (& a few others too.) and how they only vary because of the actual drying process and length of time of drying. I will write later on a different type of tea (RooiBos) but that’s for later. Bye for now.

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