Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is your true colour in every Light?

Was walking up the street when I saw a black Ute* coming towards us. But before it got to us, it did a u-turn and while it was doing so the sun reflected off it and I saw that it was not black at all, but a funny shade of Green. Then having completed its turn, it again looked black out of the direct sunlight.
It very much reminded me of my previous car. Just after I bought it, I visited my parents and of course showed it off. Then the next time I visited them, I was asked to settle an argument between them. It seems one insisted it was black and the other blue, and wanted me to declare who was right and who was wrong.
Of course me being me, promptly declared them both wrong. Which they were, as the car was actually and officially Green. Just that in various light and shades, it did even appear black and blue, despite actually being neither. With further reflection and upon seeing my car in different lighting, I could also clearly see where they were looking from.
All of which got me to thinking that often that is also true about us as people too, and that people often only see others in one light or another. Thus we can sometimes be seen as all good or all bad, when in fact we are really in between those “two extreme Colours”. And, neither the worst nor the best, just us. So what “Colour are you really now? And are people really seeing your true colours all the time?
* Utility or Light Commercial Vehicle or Bakkie!

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