Monday, October 18, 2010

Do we really want our pasts revealed?

This blog is inspired by a Calvin & Hobbes Cartoon, by Bill Waterman from August 19th 2010.
It has Calvin and his imaginary friend, (his stuffed tiger), Hobbes, walking and talking. Calvin says, “I’m destined for greatness, I just know it. ‘Calvin the great,’ they’ll call me.” Then turning to Hobbes, he says, “ And think how lucky you’ll be! You’ll get to tell everyone how you knew me as a kid! What a privilege!” Calvin continues, “ In fact. All the papers and magazines will probably want to interview you to find out what I was really like.” At which point we hear from Hobbes, who quietly says, “ And boy will you have to cough up to keep me Quiet.” Surprised, Calvin then replies, “ And what’s that supposed to mean?”
Funny isn’t it, that we never see ourselves as others see us, nor as we really are, do we?
How many of us are like Calvin and live our lives like we are the only ones in the universe, and can do no wrong, and then are genuinely surprised to find that that is not true, and that they have a past to either live down or keep hidden?
Likewise, how many of us are like Hobbes and prepared to capitalise on our so-called friends personal failings, for the fame and fortune it may bring us? Sadly we see both scenarios being lived out almost daily in our Newspapers and on our TV’s, don’t we?
So let us all do our best not to add to this sad picture all around us now. Let all us Calvins, learn to have a proper respect for ourselves and for others, and to live a life in respect of all: Human, animal and environment!
Likewise let all us Hobbes, live lives of integrity and honour of and for all. Again, whether Human, animal or environment!

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