Saturday, October 30, 2010

Normal vs Double

Was at the Chemist (Pharmacy/Apothecary) recently, to buy some medication for myself. Upon deciding what was most appropriate for my complaint, I was only left to decide between the normal product and the double strength one. They were in fact made by the same company, had the same ingredients, except, as you would expect from a product labelled “Double Strength”, that one had 2 X the amount of active ingredient. Upon further checking I also noted that on the weaker strength one, you needed to take two pills each time instead of one. I also noted that the single strength packet had 20 tablets, compared to the 2x’s one, having only 10. So in the end it all boiled down to the fact of whether I wanted to take 2 little pills (And they were little) each time, or just one, and then pay an extra 15 cents a tablet for that pleasure?
For you see, although the double strength ones seemed to be offering more, (and charging more too), they were actually offering the same product in the same dosage, only offered in one pill and not two. Now that may be an advantage to some who have difficulty in swallowing pills (although again these were so small, that that could not really be an issue for any but the most extreme case, in which case they would probably have to be in hospital anyway.)
So again the issue was one of false or misleading perceptions and of a hidden or extra cost involved, to no other end than making the manufacturer richer.
So today’s query is, what are we, either buying or passing on to others as a bargain, that really isn’t a bargain at all, but a disguised “Rip off”? And what are you going to do to change that situation? Be more careful in future in all transactions? Or just “plough on” regardless, as you normally do? Time for your reflection now!


Lynx217 said...

my cousin's wife is one of those ones who can't seem to swallow pills. I honestly think though that she's thinking too much about it, which sets up her gag reflex. I personally, with as much as I take immodiums for my stomach, can't fathom having to take liquids!
to your point though - that's part of being a good shopper. why pay x amount for a pill when you can pay a little less and get more pills in a bottle. It's not like you're not going to use them. however if it came down to regular vs xtra strength, I go for regular for the simple fact you don't always NEED extra strength, so why take that much if you don't need to? you can always take more than one, but taking half of one can hurt the throat!

Lynx217 said...

and yes I know I scooted around your other point - purposely :P