Saturday, October 9, 2010

A simple Glitch in your system.

As I may have mentioned before (many times) when it comes to computers I am quite illiterate. I know how to switch them on and operate them when all is well, but other that that, I am dependant on my children for help and assistance.
Well the other day when I went to connect to my Internet server it would not do so, saying it couldn’t make the connection. Normally I would have rung my son crying, “Help” but as he was coming up that night anyway, I decided not to bother him at work but wait till he arrived. Nonetheless I kept trying to connect on and off during the day. All to no avail.
When our boy arrived, he also had no immediate success and eventually rang someone for advice. Thus he was told that there had been a glitch in the Modem and all he had to do was switch the computer off, unplug the modem, wait 10 seconds and replug it in and it would/should start again. All of which he did and low and behold it was soon working again.
Again I was struck by the similarity we humans are to computers, or vice-a-versa! And how often we have unexplained glitches, where we too simply have to briefly at least disconnect ourselves, and then start again. Often with little or no change in our original Modus Operandi. Simply a little break away to recharge or reset our batteries before re- connecting to life again in all its complexities.
Me, I've just had a week away in beautiful cloudy and overcast Queensland for a week, and apart from the Sunburn, feeling the better for it too. Now maybe you can’t quite withdraw that far or even for that long, but maybe, just maybe, you too need to unplug too for while/ Maybe not a week, but much longer than 10 seconds too? What say you?
****As a footnote, it did the same thing the next morning too. But armed with the above information, which I followed to the letter, I soon had the Modem connecting again. And again able to e-mail again! Just showing that sometimes we need to do things more than one! Of course if it does it again tomorrow, then I know it is more than a minor Glitch and in need of more precise and specialist treatment.

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