Friday, October 29, 2010

Not so retrograde after all!

In a recent blog called, “Retrograde & Steady”. I mentioned that there was nothing wrong with a bit of retrograde thinking. Just as long as you brought the good things of the past into the future with you, and didn’t constantly stay in the past.
And that a mixture of the two was not to be shunned. Well that was the intent of my message and it seems our son at least got the point, as his following comment indicates, I think! “Love that in an email about retrograde you insert the term LOL. “
Upon receiving that I lol, at my own accidental illustration of both moving with the times, while still being a bit retrograde too! So, how are you living today? Totally retrograde? Or totally modern? Or have you learned the advantages of living in the best of both worlds? Over to you now for your comments and personal illustrations.

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