Friday, October 22, 2010

He who winds up must …

In this “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, updated: 12/19/2009, we have the wife’s brother on the couch playing wild games with his young niece and nephew, and the scene opens with him (Phil) saying, “ That’s enough! – I can’t play anymore! It’s time for BED!” He then turns to his sister and says, “Elly, what’s with these kids?!”. Elly replies, “You got them all excited Phil. You chased them all around the house and now they are all wound up! Phil replies, “ I was just trying to tire them out! “ And Elly replies. “ Nope. Doesn’t work. You wound them up … Now you have to unwind them!” The scene ends up with Phil left with the two kids muttering, “ I’ll never understand what makes kid’s tick!”
Me neither, but it is "the winding up and unwinding" that attracted me here. How often do we set out to do something, always of course with nothing but the best intentions, (like Phil trying to tire the kids out), only to have it back fire on us (like in this illustration) and then we try to fob off the results and responsibilities of cleaning up after us, on to someone else. Who, usually, (like Phil’s sister here) refuses to accept our mess and makes us deal with the consequences? Something we never want to do, hey? Hence it is always a good idea to make sure before we start anything new to us, that we really know what we are a doing, and that what we are doing will achieve what we are trying to achieve, shouldn’t we? And if we don’t know, then we should ask the experts, or at least those who have experience in that field, for their advice before starting, shouldn’t we?
Well, I will leave that thought with now, for you to reflect on and maybe even implement next time you do something that you’re new or inexperienced at?

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