Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trying to get to sleep.

I am fast pushing 60 and will hopefully make it there, before the year is out, but have, ever since I can remember, from “a wee little tacker”, had trouble in both going to sleep and staying asleep. A problem I probably inherited from my father and one, which I have passed along to our first born too. (Fortunately for the other two, they have inherited their mothers ability to drop off at the drop of a hat, and especially our boy!)
Sadly for me, that has never been a reality and I have tried various things over the years with varying and usually not long lasting success if any. Sometimes getting up again and reading even at 2 am works. Lately I have simply been counting. Sometimes it works and other times I can be up to 7 or 800 without dropping off.
Recently on a missionary friend in PNG, Face book page, she wrote:” *****lies in bed counting backwards from 1000 to help the mind to stop being so active and get to sleep. I've never gotten lower than 600 and I usually stop before 800, so I think it works for me! 1000, 999, 998, 997...”
As I said, I have counted upwards to 1000 before many times, but never backwards, but she is right in trying to keep an active brain otherwise engaged on things that won’t keep you overly alert. This is a good thing and usually effective for me. So my question today is for those like me, my daughter and our friend in PNG, who suffer from sleeplessness, what works for you? Your thoughts please?

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