Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you know what “sarspadidious (?) Means?

After some recent blogs about unusual or rare these days’ words, I asked if anyone knew some more. To which I received the following response. “Yes I have!!! Another word I heard the other day was sarspadidious (? spelling). My Mum used to tell me not to be so, and I hadn't heard the word in years until I was listening to the radio and there was a guy discussing words not used these days, when a woman rang in and said that her Mum used to say it too. It's not even in the dictionary!!!! Cheers: *******”.
Well I tried to find it also but also couldn’t find it either, so I am wondering if you know what it means? And if you do, would you please pass that information onto me please?
In further communication with my friend, she further wrote: “I think she implied - not to be stupid.” So that is your task for today: To let me know what “sarspadidious” means. Providing that you do know of course! Thanks in anticipation.

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