Thursday, April 9, 2009

What’s The Motive?

In this “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston, we find the Husband down on his knees scrubbing the floor when his wife walks in. She says, “Good grief! …. Can I believe what I’m seeing?” Her husband looks up sees her and replies, “ The floor was dirty … So I’m washing it”. To which his wife replies “ we’re always been honest with each other haven’t we John?” And then continues, “ Are you doing me a favor or trying to make me feel guilty?”
Now there are so-oooo many ways this blog could go, especially about always having people question your motives whenever you do or try something different. But today I wish to explore how you react when in the Wife’s shoes?
Do you immediately question everything? Do you say nothing, not even a thank you, but wait to see what happens next? Or do you, without making yourself to vulnerable if it is a con job, give praise where praise is due and move on and let the Chips fall where they will? Or, as a variant of the last one, thank them if it is genuinely a good job and correct them gently but firmly where it isn’t?
Again, how do you react when someone does something pleasant/nice when unexpected?
Do you get suspicious, or accept it gratefully if correct and correct it if it isn’t, and then simply move on? What say you now?

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