Thursday, April 23, 2009

Strange Incidents – Accidents: 1.

In my recent, “Flying Ducks, Posties And Me! Blog, I asked, “What is the strangest accident or incident that you have experienced?” To which I received the following reply:
“Hi Walter: In 1966 I was working during the summer at Tidal River for the National Park Rangers. One job was picking up and dumping the garbage. Once when coming back from dropping a load I was sitting on the trailer being towed by a tractor when a seagull flew over head, dropped his load which landed splot on the skin on the top of my sternum having missed both my head AND the vee of my shirt !! Clean as a whistle. ***”
Now that reminded me of when I was odd jobbing at an Orchard at Warrandyte just before going overseas in 1990. On this particular occasion I was about to do some painting from a 4-litre paint tin, and before I started, I held it in front of my chest and shook it vigorously, to mix the paint. So vigorously in fact that the Lid came off and paint spurted out. However when I looked, I couldn't see any paint anywhere. Not on the floor, nor on my clothes. Then I felt it!
It too had gone cleanly down my chest inside my clothes without touching them or my face neck. Both I and the person witnessing this, thought it both amazing and hilarious. Fortunately for me, there was a shower there and I had a change of clothes in the car.
Now that you have heard these two stories, what is your most unusual accident or incident?

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Lynx217 said...

Here's one for you.
It was one of my last few days on the job before I was moving away from home. It had rained the day before, so when I went to change my convenience store's gas sign (we had to manually remove the plastic numbers), the pole's rubber suction cup just wasn't sticking. So I went to get the ladder to climb up and remove the numbers so I could get the new ones up. Well wouldn't you know, the ladder gave from underneath me as I'm switching numbers. Luckily I grabbed onto the skinny@rse rod that we used to hang the pole off of as we got ready. Luckily a customer saw me and grabbed me so I could let go and not fall to the ground! Now granted, I wasn't that high up, but I was high enough I would've definitely broken bones had I lost my grip! Can you imagine driving 1300 miles all casted up? HAHAHA! Glad I had a customer pumping gas right as it happened!