Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle’s Got Talent.

Someone sent me a You Tube site about one Susan Boyle who was a contestant on ”Britains Got Talent” Show.
Checking it out, I found that at first glance there was not much appeal about her. She looks a lot older than her 47 years, a little overweight and frumpy, with shocking dress sense and a strongly accented speaking voice.
A first look that did not go over well initially with the Judges or the audience. And in fact as one of the Judges said later, when she said at the beginning she wanted to be like her idol Elaine Page, everyone was laughing at her.
And they were laughing at Her. Laughing right up till she started singing. Then the laughter stopped and pretty soon, long before she finished her song, the laughter became a standing ovation.
Now whilst I do think that there was probably a bit (a lot) more, she could have done in previous personal presentation, ultimately, she let her talent do the talking for her. Rather than be deterred or put off by the ridicule of everyone, she followed her dream and showcased her talents when this opportunity occurred.
What about you today? Do you have a hidden talent that others don’t know about? A talent just waiting to be revealed to an appreciative audience? If so, do take and make the most of whatever opportunities that come your way and present your case, no matter how much laughter or ridicule you have to put up with. A lot of people with minimal talent spend a lot of time on their presentation and do all right out of it. While others, with greater talent do nothing with their talent, and everybody misses out on enjoying it. So what talent do you have today that is hidden away, when it can be revealed and appreciated by others?

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