Monday, April 6, 2009

Do You Bother To Correct The Mistakes Of Your Friends?

There have been a couple of e-mails floating around recently saying that it does not matter how you spell a word, as long as you have all the letters in there, and the first and last letters in their right places. My son says that isn’t true of all words though! However, it seems most of us can either read slight spelling mistakes without problems, or maybe simply don’t see them in the first Place.
As told in my recent Blog, “Do You Really See Things?” I recently made a glaring mistake in distinguishing between angels and angels, in an even earlier blog item sent out to many People. However only one person either noticed or bothered to extend me the curtesy and opportunity to correct my mistake.
What about you? How quick are you to notice spelling mistakes? And if you spot them from friends and associates, do you notify/correct them, so that they in turn can both correct them and not repeat them again? Or do you leave them in their ignorance. Thankfully my friend took the trouble to correct me, (for which I am very grateful) but what about you? Do you make the effort? Or were you like me and never even picked up the mistake, and maybe even passed it on to others, mistake and all? What say you?

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