Friday, April 17, 2009

A Tree Growing In A Strange Place.

I was once told that the official description of a weed was, “Any plant growing in a place where it is not wanted. Well this incident reported in The Melbourne Herald Sun on April 16, definitely classifies as a WEED with capital letters.
Doctors in Russia removed a 5 cm fir tree growing in a man’s lung when they were operating on him for suspected lung cancer. It would appear that he must have inhaled a seed, which germinated and started to grow inside his lung and started causing him complications similar to Lung cancer.
Very strange indeed, I think! What is the strangest object that you have found where it was not ever expected to be?
P.S. According to the TV News, this is now being suspected of being a Hoax as a tree should not be able to grow without sunlight. I guess that this is further proof that you should not always believe what you read in the paper or in a Blog, Hey?

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