Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do You Really See Things?

In a recent blog of mine, “Do You Really See Things As They Really Are?” I repeated an e-mail about angels and then went on to add my own comments to said angels. Sadly I went a little astray and off on another angle, so to speak. Yes, sad to say, as much as I was aware of the problem in the past to distinguish between angel and angle, I made the same mistake again. Even when I had the right word before me! So even though I thought I checked it, this mistake still slipped in and I would have been none the wiser had not a good friend wrote the following to me, after reading it:
“Your story starts off saying 'ANGEL' but later, if you look, it becomes 'ANGLE'. So do YOU really see things as they really are? ***”
So, it seems I too do not always see things as they really are either. Nor, in this case even see the difference of spelling in the same article, even though I did specifically look for it.
Again in closing, “do you really see things?” Or do you, like me, sometimes just see without really seeing?

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