Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Earlier Experiences With Magpies In the Croydon Area.

During our brief stay at our then recently acquired flat in South Croydon in 1999, our adjoining neighbour had some tamish magpies that used to come and be fed out of his hand off his small porch. I thought that this was cool and wanted to do the same, but our oldest daughter kinda frowned on that. Which was fair enough, as, while we would be leaving shortly after to go back to South Africa, she was going to remain there and thus did not want, not only the job of feeding them, but the problem of them hanging around and messing up her washing when it was hung outside and they perched on her small outside clothes line.
I still think it would have been great to have befriended some Magpies there and then, but do realise that it would not have been fair on our first born, nor the magpies, to start something she did not either want, nor intend to finish or even carry on, especially when we did leave it was in the winter time when extra food would have been extremely scarce, making it hard on the magpies too.
What about you? How much thought do you give to the future or long-term results of things that you can start now, but often will not be able to finish? Do you start on the anyway, without any thought to the consequences that will follow? Just something to think on for now. b

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