Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Human Nature.

On my Collins Desk Top Calendar for April 1st, (April Fool’s Day), I found the following relevant quote by one Anatole France. “ It is human nature to think wisely and to act in an absurd fashion.”
It was very pertinent to the day when people deliberately and with more leniency and freedom, act in an absurd manner. But what about on other days too? Do we, when we do think wisely, also act wisely? Or is Anatole, more right than wrong about you with his rather astute observation?
Put another way, do you (and I) always act as wisely as we think? I once heard a riddle that has stuck with me ever since, even if I don’t remember it word perfect. The Riddle was/is: “ What is the easiest thing to Give, but the hardest to receive?” And the answer is????
Good advice! It seems we always find it easy to think wisely about other people’s problems, and give them sound advice, but when it comes to our own situations, we no longer act wisely, even if we think wisely initially, but often act in an absurd fashion, to again use Anatole’s words.
So today and every day from now on, let us all try to not only think wisely, but to act wisely too. And prove old Anatole wrong. What say you?

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