Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flying Ducks, Posties And Me!

In the Melbourne Herald Sun on April 16 was an article about the sort of problems and injuries suffered by posties in the carrying out of their duties. Along with the getting ran over by cars backing out of driveways (178), dogs (50), wasp and bees (16) overhanging trees (10 and even Spiders (2), was one unusual incident where a Postie got cleaned up by a flying duck coming into land at a pond near us in Mooroolbark.
Now I have not been on a Motorbike when hit by a duck, but I was driving the then Boss’s van back from the warehouse over in Burwood on the Burwood Highway, when a duck hit it very forcibly. All I can say is that fortunately the driver’s window was up; otherwise I would have been hit, smack full in the face. And at even 80 Kms an hour, on a busy highway that would not have been good, I can tell you. So, unusual it may be to be hit by a flying duck, it does happen, and not just to posties either! I know!
So just because a collision with a flying duck is not as frequent as an attack by dogs doesn’t make it any less serious or dangerous does it? So do be careful out there?
What is the strangest accident or incident that you have experienced?

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