Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quitting While I Am Behind.

It has often been said that one should quit when one is ahead, rather than keep pushing and risk losing everything. Pretty good advice too, I believe! But on some occasions, like this one with me, I am going to quit while I am still behind. Because it seems the more I try to resolve this little problem, I get further and further behind.
This is now my 3rd blog attempt to correct a stupid spelling mistake in an earlier blog, between angel and angle. Below are two responses to my obliviously failed, last attempt to resolve my error.
The first from my first born: “Ok ok so I didn't correct you last time, but did you deliberately spell angles wrong this time "I recently made a glaring mistake in distinguishing between angels and angels," or was it a mistake.”
The second is from my friend who had pointed out my original mistake in using the two words when I should have only used “angel: “Dear me, It would make more sense if you had actually put 'angels' and 'angles' as on the original blog.
Then there is 'curtesy' rather than 'courtesy' - it almost sounds like the bob ladies do before the Queen!!?? Peace, my friend.***”
My response: Peace? Peace?????? It is driving me crazy. The more I try to fix the problem, the worse I seem to make it. So here is what I hope is my last comments on the Subject.
This is what I wrote to my Big Girl, “I will swear on your life that when I originally wrote this two days ago, they were two separate words, but somewhere along the way, the spell check must have automatically changed it without me noticing, but originally they were definitely spelt differently by me. Believe me I did double check at the time. Not just today unfortunately.
Thanks for pointing that out. Now I will see who else does too! Love dad.”
And as shown above, the only other response came from my friend who also pointed out another spelling mistake. So now I am quitting even while behind because it is not worth trying to catch up anymore, so take care there. More care than I have here too, please!!!!!!!!!!!

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