Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who really is the negative one?

This is another blog inspired by the Comic strip, “Dark Side of the Horse by Samson” and taken from the internet on October 8, 2010. Here we see the black horse Horace walking along and complaining to a little bird in a tree that: “I hate all this Negativity… All I hear is NO, NO, NO!”
To which the little bird replies: “Oh no!” Then adds: “I think you’re asking the wrong questions.” To which Horace replies: “OH?” Then the little bird continues, “What if you tried asking people, “Would you like some money?’ or, “Do you want me to refrain from kicking your teeth in.” All of which Horace quickly rebuffs with a haughty, “No!” before rushing off!
Now I know that this is only a comic but how true this also is in real life too! Many go around accusing others of their negativity, but when the facts are investigated, it is often, if not always found, that the negativity begins with them and becomes self-feeding and self-perpetuating!
So if you are not happy with all the negativity around you like Horace, please stop being like Horace and start changing your own negative attitudes and behaviour and see what happens. What do you say? Will you give it a go? I hope so! After all, you have nothing to lose except your negativity! So please, give it ago starting right now. Again, what say you?

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