Monday, June 20, 2011

Same Pants, Wrong Leg.

In this “For Better or For Worse” comic Strip by Lynn Johnston from 2009, she has the mother paying for her Groceries at the Supermarket check-out, when she suddenly notices that her young daughter is not with her, and frantically yells out, “LIZZIE? LIZZIE, where are you?”
Next, you see Lizzie holding on happily to a pair of legs in Blue Jeans, next to another set of legs in Blue jeans! Just then Lizzie looks up to find that those legs she is holding, doesn’t belong to mum at all, but to a strange man. So she lets out a “Shriek” of her own. At which point, the man picks her up and hands her to her mother saying, “Same Jeans … wrong leg!”
Ever had that happen to you or one of your loved ones? I have. When our oldest was about four we went on a ferry ride to French Island, and then on a Bus tour around the Island, and once while stopping at an old disused Chicory Kiln, had a similar experience where she cottoned onto the same colour jeans but the wrong leg, with the same shrieking result.
So you see, it is easy enough to do with people, but what about now with your life? Yes, how are you going now with your life? Are you really holding on to the right leg? Or do you find yourself holding a similar looking one, but just not the right one?
Some have this problem with God and their spiritual lives too! They think they are holding onto the right one true God, because what they are holding onto, looks like God at a distance, but when they really look up, they find it is not God at all, but someone or something else.
So as we close today, are you really holding on to the one true God today or just something that at a distance at least looks like God?
If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me. Thanks.

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