Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vertiginous by my own Hand.

The Word of the Day for Saturday, May 28, 2011was vertiginous which has four basic meanings:
1. Affected with vertigo; giddy; dizzy.
2. Causing or tending to cause dizziness.
3. Turning round; whirling; revolving.
4. Inclined to change quickly or frequently; inconstant.
Recently I had some sudden and frightening vertiginous attacks which came under the first 2 categories. At first I was quite concerned and somewhat frightened at these dizzy spells when I moved suddenly or bent down quickly. But on closer reflection, I also noted that these attacks also only occurred after I took some fibre supplements.
A while back, my doctor said my Cholesterol level was too high and needed to be brought down and that I should get more fibre in my diet. So I had been taking the recommended dosage for some while also to help me be more regular, and it didn’t seem to be working that well, so I basically doubled my daily intake, which didn’t altogether help my regularity that much, but apparently brought my Cholesterol level down. In fact too far down and it was my now, too low Cholesterol levels, that was causing these vertiginous experiences, and once I returned to the recommended dosage of Fibre supplement, my vertiginous bouts disappeared.
This experience just reminded me of two things: Firstly the danger of self-medication, and how we should really leave it to the experts and then follow fully their advice.
And secondly, that there is in most things in life, a delicate balance between having too much of something and not having enough of it. This is perhaps best illustrated with the current obesity crisis. True, our bodies need some fatty foods to be healthy, but too much of any one thing, including fatty foods or Fibre supplements, destroy the natural balance and leads to health problems.
So what is it that is causing your vertiginous moments, whether literal or metaphorical, and what do you need to cut back on now, and what do you need to increase on now for a happy and healthy life?
One word of warning though if you need help get it from the experts and follow their instructions fully and don’t try and self- medicate. It ain’t worth it. Really it isn’t! Over to you now for your own reflection and action.

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