Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thirty Page Rule For Book Reading?

This “Rabbits Against Magic” Cartoon Strip by Jonathan Lemon from July 18, 2009 has a rabbit sitting under a tree reading a book, when approached by another rabbit who asks, “Trixie, do you finish every book you start?’
To which Trixie replies, “I have a 30 page rule. When I get that far I make the decision to go to the end or not.”
To which the first rabbit sadly mumbles to itself as it shuffles away, “I’ve never read a book with more than 30 pages.”
What about you and your book reading? Do you have any sort of Plan when reading Books? Or are you like me, and have a lot of books with Book-marks in, showing where, once, I had got reading in it, before putting it down for whatever reason, and never or rarely ever, getting back to it.
True, there are a few books that I have started to read that I have literally given up on because they were so bad. But mostly I have given up because I have had too many others to choose from and chosen to start a new one, while still believing I could finish the previous one(s) too! But sadly rarely actually achieving that.
So I am now going to have to come up with a similar 30 page rule like Trixie too! Either that, or sadly become like the other rabbit and only read very short books instead! What about you now? What’s your reading plan and can you stick to it?

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